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Marlon’s interview for Globo.

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Hi guys, here is the link of the translated Interview for Capricho for those who don’t speak portuguese, by the lovely yurisouzza : (x)

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Interview for “Capricho TV”

Behind the scenes of an interview Marlon did for Meu Book.

Marlon’s Interview for Ego on his birthday.

Six years ago he left Balneario Camboriu, Santa Catarina (his home in Brazil) and moved to New York to try to start his career as a model, Marlon never thought he would become the hottest and most requested Brazilian of the fashion market.

"It’s funny, I grew up finding myself ugly and awkward" Marlon is turning 23 years old today and he is in the list of the sexiest models in the world. According to he has the job that many men want. His schedule is normally filled with photoshoots next to sex symbols like Megan Fox, Stephanie Seymour, Gisele Bundchen, Irina Shayk, just to name a few.

"For me it’s normal, it’s my job" he says laughing “Thinking that helps me a lot, because I’m shy and when I’m in the studio I try to focus on what the photographer or director need. I don’t really like thinking about the woman with whom I’m working because I can get intimidated. But I know it’s a privilege” he says.

"I remember when I worked with Megan Fox. Her team was tense and asked everyone to be discreet with her precense. But when she arrived, we talked and she was friendly and super easy going. Stephanie Seymour is for me one of the most beautiful and sexy women. Gisele Bundchen also caught my attention, when I worked with her I realized the big power she has"

Marlon earned the nickname “Gisele Bundchen in pants” for beign the number one male model ” I find it funny, that comparison. Men does not have much market share as women, and therefore I am happy to know that I’m building a solid career. If I get close to what Gisele has archieved, I’m done!” He is currently starting a business in his hometown “I still can’t reveal details.”

He is in Balneario Camboriu where he will spend his birthday, and where he goes whenever he has time off. “If I don’t travel to surf somewhere I come home, and surf here. Here is where my mom and sisters are, I try to come often” He explains “Being in brazil on my birthday is already a gift” Says the top model, who sometimes travels to three different continents in a week, due to professional commitments. “My routine is pretty crazy. I’m based in New York, but I came to Brazil for three weeks and then I had to go to Europe. I travel every week” 

Marlon says that he is not vain "I’m kind of careful with my hair, kind of… I try to put sunscreen when I’m in the beach, but I don’t do much, I should be more careful and learn, I have some friends who use cosmetics."

After dating the American model Samantha Gradoville Marlon is single.

(I translated this interview so there should be some mistakes, sorry.)