can you post some facts about him? :3

Sure, this are from interviews:

  • Favorite actors: Johnny Depp/Jennifer Aniston
  • Favorite movie: A Clockwork Orange. "I liked it because of the actor’s performance, making us love the villain.” 
  • He loves “A Clockwork Orange” so much, he dressed up as Alex DeLarge for Halloween (x)
  • His Idol: “My mom is the inspiration of my life. She is a fighter, an incredible woman.”
  • His philosophy of life: “Respect the others and give value to the good and simple things in life.”
  • He had cancer in the mediastinum (chest area encompassing the esophagus, trachea and heart). He basically lived in the hospital and only when he was 7 that he got completely cured.
  • What he thinks about his success: “I never thought I was good- looking. I thought that to be a model, you had to look like a prince and I have nothing to do with that. It’s complicated to say what brought me to success.” 
  • Favorite food: Dulce de Leche ice cream / Pasta
  • Getting into the world of modeling: “Certainly, I’ve matured, but continue to my true values: love, simplicity and humility. In these four years, I’ve learned things that would take twenty years for me to learn if this all didn’t happen. This is the greatest thing about this profession.“
  • He spent a day in Jail by mistake: “They put me handcufs and trowed me in a jail with a bed made of rocks, without a blanket or anything. They gave me a sandwich that tasted horrible and a bottle of water.”
  • Three things he can’t live without: “Surfing, kissing and eating.”
  • Plans: "Go to college and study architecture or gastronomy”
  • He loves romantic movies, his guilty pleasure is: The notebook.

Interview with Marlon Teixeira for “El Palacio de Hierro”

I translated the interview myself, I did my best but I’m sure there will be a lot of mistakes, but anyways here you go:

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